PROJECT: _ 0203

DESCRIPTION: The building is composed of four floors plus groundfloor. In floors 1, 2 and 3, 5 housings are distributed by floor, and the floor 4, 2 lofts. In the groundfloor they locate 5 commercial local, the accesses to the housings, to the parkings and the back-rooms. The basement has a capacity to 28 parkings. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0405

DESCRIPTION: The group is organized in three isolated blocks of housings plurifamiliares and local. The basement of the three blocks are united by passages. The groundfloors are organize around the area landscaped from the one we access to sport areas with pool and paddle court, of community use. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0508

DESCRIPTION: It is a building, built by a central module, through areas and portic corridors, we leave five modules. Four of them are dedicated to the care of the youths that are confined in the center, more one dedicated entirely to workshops. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0525-0527

DESCRIPTION: In parcel 0525, it is projected to build a group of 24 duplex Housings that they group in 6 blocks of 4 housings each one of them that they are prepare freely on the land. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0529

DESCRIPTION: In their main facade, Sierra de Tamuntana views and on the city of Palma. The area more emblemed of this group (corporate offices of the Group Drac) views to the highway Palma to Soller. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _0122-0202

DESCRIPTION: It is a groundfloor building and four floors. The groundfloor is dedicates to Sacristy of the neighboring church of S. Juan of Malt. From there, the stairways that constitutes the nucleus of vertical communication of the whole building starts up. [ + information ]

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