PROJECT: _ 9202

DESCRIPTION: It is the rehabilitation and amplification of an existent construction whose state was ruin total. It is conserved and it restores the existent construction, developing a housing isolated unifamiliar around, occupying a single floor and enhancing to the possible maximum the vertical volume of the tower, as significant element of this building. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 9304

DESCRIPTION: It is a rehabilitation of the building, made up of basement, groundfloor and noble floor, loft and floors. The basement is an old celler whose more outstanding architectural element is the marés crypt that covers it. The groundfloor contains the entrance vestibule-patio, an old stable, a laundry, of which we are conserved diverse useful and a small warehouse [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 2002

DESCRIPTION: It was carried out the rehabilitation of the building to adapt it to the exposed program of necessities for the property: a commercial local in groundfloor, housings and an office in the three floors, and parkings in basement. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _0177-9824-9914

DESCRIPTION: Different promotions of housings embedded unifamiliars, a total of 96 and 4 commercial local. [ + information ]

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