The Architecture could be said that is the art of to project or to design and to build buildings, as well as the whole atmosphere or built environment. The construction of buildings begins with a project, technical document that, by means of planes, memoirs, measures, calculations, details, etc., describes and it justifies the building, its conception, as well as the different elements that by means of the use of the appropriate techniques, he/she will give form to the spaces or volumes where the man will develop his life or professional activities or of entertainment.

According to Le Corbusier (Vers une Architecture, 1923), “The architecture is beyond the utilitarian facts. The architecture is a plastic fact. (...) The architecture is the wise, correct game, magnificent of the volumes under the light. (...) Their meaning and their work is not to reflect the construction and to absorb a function, if for function he/she understands each other that of the pure and simple utility, that of the comfort and the practical elegance. The architecture is art in its higher sense, it is mathematical order, it is pure theory, complete harmony thanks to the exact proportion of all the relationships: this it is the “function” of the architecture.”

The creation of buildings or housings are the nearest to people. Our projects are thought to offer well-being and quality of life. Each project is carried out in a personalized way. We have to get the perfect balance among form, function, economy and the necessities of our clients.

PROJECT: _ 0511

DESCRIPTION: Reformation of detached houses, located in the Municipal term of Palma de Mallorca, of more than 1,000 m2, which consists of basement, ground floor, where are located the bedrooms with bathrooms and floor which is intended for the main areas of the House. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0528

DESCRIPTION: Reform of housing located in the Municipal term of Sencelles, which consists of ground floor where lies the dining room, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a plant floor with two bedrooms, a study room and a bathroom. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0500

DESCRIPTION: Office building and premises trade, located in Palma de Mallorca, composed of two basements and three plant floor, doing an approximate whole of 30.500 m2 constructed [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0616

DESCRIPTION: Single-family housing aillat located in the Municipal Terme of Petra, which consists of ground floor with 6 bedrooms with their own bathrooms and downstairs floor public areas to promote views. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 1106

DESCRIPTION: Single family house renovated in the Municipal term of Calvià, composed by plant basement to the garage, ground floor for major areas and plant floor to the bedrooms and bathrooms.[ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 1207

DESCRIPTION: Single-family isolated from about 550 m2, in the municipality of Calvià, composed of plant basement to the garage, ground floor for dorms and plant floor for major areas and thus enjoy the view of the place. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 1309

DESCRIPTION: Draft of approximately 30,000 m built, equipment and theme Hotel, aimed at cycling, projected for a tourist offer specific and different from the traditional model of tourism in the Balearic Islands. [ + information ]

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