ABAD & COTONER was founded in 1.988, by the associate Bartolomé Abad Socías, born in Palm of Majorca in 1.957, graduate in Architecture in Seville in the year 1988 and Juan Pedro Cotoner Cerdó, born in Palm of Majorca in 1.955, graduate in Architecture in Barcelona, in the year 1988. The office offers a wide range of services, guided to satisfy the necessities of all type of clients, to give answer at the problems that can present the architecture projects and urbanism, such as:

Planes Rising
If you don't have the planes of your housing, we made a planes rising, of the current state.
Integral projects:
From the first drafts, the execution project and work direction, until the finalization of the project.
Rehabilitation and restoration:
We are carried out restorations and rehabilitations from a small facade, until the group of a property, adapting the construction to their environment and necessities of their traditional architecture.
Buildings Inspection:
Realization of the ITE, that legally requires the properties, and the advice of the convenient performance measures for the building.
For a better vision of the project, your ideas are captured in three dimensions.
You are advised of any doubt that can have in projects or urbanism.
Urbanism Projects
Let us make urban knittings, from the city project until the development of a detail study.

This works, thanks to the new technologies of the different collaborators, allow us a quick and effective administration. We have different human resources, materials and computer, to achieve a good project and this way to obtain the satisfaction of our clients. Our objective is to find an appropriate answer to each situation, according to the circumstances.