The urbanism is formed by multidisciplinary concepts and a practice area and very complex study. The fundamental function is to provide the bases to be able to solve the problems of the cities, so much in the physical configuration, like to the dynamics of the economic and social activities, acting by means of the urban Planning that defines the space pattern of each city, the Urbanistic Administration, that defines like it is executed the pattern or the urban Design. The measures that establish the plans they are part of the right of private property, therefore, the artificial dimension of the urbanism is very important in all the countries.

In Urbanism, we speak about urbanistic Administration, of Urbanistic Planning and of urban Design. The point that really interests us is the Urban Design. This design is guided to interpret the form and the urban space, with physical-aesthetic-functional approaches. It looks for to satisfy the necessities of the communities or urban societies, inside a consideration of collective benefit in an existent or future urban area, until reaching the conclusion of an urban structure to continue. The urban design carries out the physical planes in analysis levels like they are: region, urban center, urban area and even the urban furniture.

A city is formed by the conjugation of three main elements: the residential area, the urban equipment and the circulation roads. In the process of projecting a city in general must connect you these elements in such a way that you/they constitute different grades or levels of urban environment, contents inside more environments, forming this way the internal structure of the city.

PROJECT: _ 0105

DESCRIPTION: Plan of Reformation Interior of "El Terreno". It is a land stripe that lapses parallel to the coast between the sea and the forest of Bellver, located in the western part of the coast of the city of Palma. Limit to the North with the current Lluís Fábregas street and the slope of S'Aigo Dolça; for the South with the torrent of the Mal Pas and Ca'n Barberá, to the East, the sea and to the West the forest of Bellver. [ + information ]

PROJECT: _ 0403

DESCRIPTION: Green area in "EsPil·lari". It has complementary character of a Project of Urbanization of the same sector, and therefore it is part of a file, being a part of the same one. The project embraces the two areas foreseen in the Partial Plan then, that is, the first one that we will denominate ZV1 located in the center of the sector to urbanize in a surface of 5.053 m². The second denominated ZV2, it is located in the Southwest end of the sector and with a surface of 3.586 m². [ + information ]